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Wife’s Criticism Transformed His Life
Tulsidas was excessively attached to his beautiful wife, Ratnavali. Once, Ratnavali went to her father’s house for a few days. Tulsidas missed her so much that he journeyed in the dark and reached her place stealthily at night.
Ratnavali was exasperated by her husband’s behaviour and told him that if he cultivated a similar love for Lord Rama, he could easily overcome the sorrows of life.
Tulsidas was a devotee of Lord Rama since early childhood, so these words affected him deeply. He left his home and family to become a wandering mendicant in search of the abiding love of his Lord.
He went on to become a great saint and wrote the story of Lord Rama named Ramacharitmanas, which is one of the most popular books for Hindus today. 
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