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Burning the boat

In February of 1519, a general by the name Hernando Cortez set sail on the final leg of an ocean voyage that was to take him from Cuba to the distant shores of the Yucatan, Mexico. Cortez, who had heard of the great riches of the Yucatan and had set his mind on conquering them, was in charge of eleven ships with more than 500 soldiers, 100 sailors and 16 horses.
When Cortez and company finally arrived on shore, Cortez suddenly turned to his men and ordered
them to ‘Burn the boats!’ The jaws of his soldiers dropped. Burn the boats! Then, how in the world were they going to get back?
That’s when Cortez explained to his men that they wouldn’t need the boats because they would
conquer the Yucatan army and gain their fortune. And then they would take the Yucatan’s boats home!
As the story goes, Cortez and his men did burn the boats and then conquered the Yucatan army, taking all its treasures. And they left the island with the Yucatan’s boats just as Cortez said they would.
Message: Limit your options to increase the chances of your success. 
Burning the boat
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