Q6. Contrasting Attitude towards Social Problems

Q6. What factors affect the formation of a person’s attitude towards social problems? In our society, contrasting attitudes about many social problems are prevalent. What contrasting attitudes do you notice about the caste system in our society? How do you explain their existence? (150 words)
The attitude of a person depends on several factors like age, gender, family background, economic status, religion, nationality, profession, region and educational background. Attitude also depends on the nature of the person and the ideologies followed by him.
The contracting attitudes about the caste system in Indian society are -
• Some people strongly believe in caste system and hierarchy.
• Some people disapprove of the caste system and treat everyone the same.
• Some upper caste people look down upon lower caste people, and disapprove inter-caste interaction and marriages.
• Some people advocate special privileges to the lower caste to make up for their backwardness and social discrimination.
The contrasting attitudes are found because most people in India believe in the caste system which originated in the Hindu religion. Caste system is more prevalent in rural than urban India due to lack of modern education. Educated people are less likely to have caste prejudices than the uneducated people. Indian politicians use caste as an important tool to divide and rule people. (165 words)
Q6. Contrasting Attitude towards Social Problems
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