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If you are a registered Awdhesh Academy user, you can earn a referral bonus or a free subscription of the Awdhesh Academy Course.

All Awdhesh Academy users are eligible for a ‘Referral Bonus’ for every new subscriber they help onboard.

And for every successful referral, the new subscriber gets 10% discount off the listed price by using your referral code and the registered user too shall get a 10% referral bonus of the transaction value, OR 10% days of the free subscription of the courses taken on the basis of your referral code.

For example, if a new user subscribes to our course using your referral code for ‘Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude’, or ‘Essay and Answer Writing’ or Combo course for one year and pays ₹1999 as a subscription, the new subscriber shall get 10% discount immediately on using your referral code. Furthermore, you shall be contacted by our team and you can choose to get either ₹200 as bonus in your account or a free subscription to the same course for 36 days.

Please note that your 6 digit Unique ID is your referral code.

Please also note that self-referral is not allowed.

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Contact/WhatsApp to Awdhesh Academy at 9717406754  for any doubt or clarification. 

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