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Mulla Nasruddin

Searching Key outside
Once, a man found Mullah Naseruddin searching for something on the ground outside his house. On being asked, Nasruddin replied that he was looking for his keys. The man also joined in the search and in due course asked Mullah– ‘Where exactly did you drop it?’
Mullah answered– 'In my house.'
'Then why are you looking here?' the man asked.
'There is more light here than in my house,' replied Mullah.
Message: The key to happiness is inside us. It can’t be found in the outside world.
Make a Man Happy
Mullah Nasruddin once met a man in shabby clothes, carrying a ragged sack; he looked careworn and lost, mostly like a scavenger. Nasruddin asked him, ‘How’s life?’
‘What do you think? It’s terrible,’ the man whined, ‘I’ve no home, no food, no job, no money. Everything I have is in this stinky little bag.’
Without another word, the Mullah grabbed his bag and ran off. The man chased him but could not keep up. After a while, the Mullah dropped the bag in the middle of the road and hid himself behind a shop.
The man came running behind, got down on his knees, grabbed his bag and shedding tears of joy, cried out hysterically, ‘Ah! My bag, I’ve got my bag back! I thought I’d never see you again. Thank you God! I’ve found my bag.’
The Mullah murmured to himself, ‘Now, that’s one way to make someone happy.’
Message: We can be happy, if we are able to appreciate what we have. 
Mulla Nasruddin
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