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Faithful and A Boat

It was raining heavily and the water entered the house outside which stood a man. A rescue boat came and the rescuer asked the man to step into the boat.
The man said—”No. I have faith in God who shall save me.”
The rain kept pouring and the man had to stand on top of the house. Soon another boat came and the man was again asked to board it. But he refused again saying that God would save him.
The rain did not abate and the water level kept rising. Now the man was barely able to keep his head above the water. Another rescue team arrived in a helicopter. The rescuer lowered the rope and asked the man to hold on to the rope to save his life. The man still refused as he believed that God would save him.
As the water level increased further, he got fully submerged in water and died. When he reached heaven, he asked God— “I had full faith in you. Why didn’t you save me?”
God said—”Who do you think sent you two boats and a helicopter?”
Message: God helps those who help themselves
Faithful and A Boat
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