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Boon from Kuber

A man was extremely poor. He had to support his wife and four children. One day, there was nothing to eat in their house, yet he failed to earn anything during the day. So, instead of going home, he thought of committing suicide. He climbed up a hill with the intention of jumping off.
Fortunately for him, a great saint sat meditating on the same hilltop. He pulled back the poor man and saved his life. The unhappy man then narrated his story to the saint. He begged the saint to help him end his life for his family had nothing to eat.
The saint smiled and said, ‘I shall summon Kuber, the lord of wealth. Please ask him to give you whatever you need.’
As promised, Lord Kuber immediately appeared before the poor man and offered to provide whatever the man wanted. With folded hands, the poor man then asked the lord of wealth to give him food for one day for his entire family.
The saint smiled at the ignorance of the poor man. Had he asked for billions from Kuber, he would have got it immediately, but the man could not imagine anything bigger.
Message: Think big and dream big. Ask great things from life. 
Boon from Kuber
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