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Bhasmasur the great demon (Asura) was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. Pleased with his years of austerities and penance, Shiva promised him a boon. Bhasmasur asked for the boon of immortality but Shiva said that he did not have the power to give immortality. Then Bhasmasur asked Shiva to grant him the boon that if he put his hand on someone’s head, the person would burn to ash. The boon was granted by Lord Shiva.
Immediately after, Bhasmasur tried to put his hand on Shiva’s head. Shiva fled from the spot and requested Lord Vishnu to help. Lord Vishnu turned into a beautiful woman, Mohini. Bhasmasur was attracted towards Mohini and wished to marry her. Mohini responded she would marry him only if he dances with her step by step. Both of them danced and Bhasmasur followed her steps. After some time she placed one hand on her head and Bhasmasur did likewise. He immediately burned to ashes due to the power of Shiva’s boon.
Message: Beware of your acts of kindness to an evil person. 
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