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Q9. Problem of Prohibition

Q9. It is a state where prohibition is in force. You are recently appointed as the superintendent of police of a district notorious for illicit distillation of liquor. The illicit liquor leads to many death, reported and unreported and causes a major problem for the district authorities.
The approach till now had been to view it as a law and order problem and tackle it accordingly. Raids, arrest, police cases and criminal trials – all these had only limited impact. The problem remains as serious as ever.
Your inspections show that the parts of the district where the distillation flourishes are economically, industrially and educationally backward. Agriculture is badly affected by poor irrigation facilities. Frequent clashes among communities had given boost to illicit distillation.
No major initiatives had taken place in the past either from the government’s side or from social organizations to improve the lot of the people.
Which new approach will you adopt to bring the problem under control? (250 words) 20
The main responsibility of the police is to ensure law and order. Hence, the primary task of a Superintendent of Police is to ensure that illegal activities are curbed and the rule of law prevails in the district. Hence, all the people involved in the illegal distillation of liquor must be arrested and their property be seized so that they are unable to restart the activity.
Once the illegal activity stops, the avenue to make fast money for the locals will be closed. The economic condition of the district will improve gradually since a good amount of the liquor produced might have been getting consumed locally, which could have been harming the health and the financial conditions of the local population. The illegal production of liquor also generates a large amount of illegal money that increases the living expenses of the local population and enhances the criminal activities in society. Once such people are behind the bars, the cost of living in the area would become much more affordable and the life of the people would become peaceful.
We may also take necessary steps to increase public awareness against alcoholism in schools and colleges. The teachers may be provided training to inculcate the right values in the children at an early age and prevent youngsters from using intoxicants. We must also take necessary measures for rehabilitation of the addicts through the support of government and NGOs.
We must coordinate with different government departments and local politicians to get a suitable investment policy for this area so that business activities flourish in the district and people get productive employment locally. (270 words)
Q9. Problem of Prohibition
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