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Q9. Gatecrash by Union Members

Q9. A private company is known for its efficiency, transparency and employee welfare. The company though owned by a private individual has a cooperative character where employees feel a sense of ownership. The company employs nearly 700 personnel and they have voluntarily decided not to form a union.
One day suddenly in the morning, about 40 men belonging to a political party gatecrashed into the factory demanding jobs in the factory. They threatened the management and employees, and also used foul language. The employees feel demoralised. It was clear that those people who gatecrashed wanted to be on the payroll of the company as well as continue as the volunteers/ members of the party.
The company maintains high standards in integrity and does not extend favours to civil administration that also includes law enforcement agencies. Such incidents occur in public sector also. (20 marks) (250 words)
(a) Assume you are the CEO of the company. What would you do to diffuse the volatile situation on the date of gatecrashing with the violent mob sitting inside the company premises?
(b) What can be the long-term solution to the issue discussed in the case?
(c) Every solution/action that you suggest will have a negative and a positive impact on you as the CEO, the employees and the performance of the employees. Analyse the consequences of each of your suggested actions.
The first and most important task as a CEO should be to contain the situation and not allow it to get out of control. I would identify their leaders and engage them in discussions. It is evident that they have two sets of demands. The first is to get a job and the second is to continue to be associated with the political party. We can’t have any objections in giving them a job if there is a vacancy in the organisation and they are suitable for the job. Hence, they can be asked to apply for the job and given one, if they qualify. Once we offer them some immediate benefit, we can negotiate on the issue of resignation from the party as a precondition.
We must also provide a long term solution for such type of problems. We can provide better security for the company by installing CCTV cameras at all important places and also increase the strength of security guards. We can provide them better training to tackle such a situation in future. We should also maintain a cordial relationship with the local police, administration and the politicians, who can help us resolve such problems in case of emergency.
The positive and negative impacts of the suggestions are,
• Investment needed for installation and maintenance of CCTV cameras, but it will improve the professional environment of the company.
• Appointment of security guards would increase the expenses, but it will improve discipline and avoid untoward incidents in future.
• Appointment of union members may please the union, but it may deteriorate the working environment of the company.
• Liasoning with local officials may help the company to tackle the problem better, but we will have to listen to their demands from time to time. (293 words)
Q9. Gatecrash by Union Members
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