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Q8. Politics and Ethics

Q8. It is often said that ‘politics’ and ‘ethics’ do not go together. What is your opinion in this regard? Justify your answer with illustrations. (150 words; 10 marks)
Politics means serving the society by acquiring power with the help of the people. Most people like to see honest people governing their country. Ethics is also about serving the society by following ethical conduct in life. Hence, politics and ethics must ideally go hand in hand.
However, when people of any country lack ethical values themselves, they often elect corrupt and unethical people to power, who promote their own selfish interest or provide them illicit benefits rather than working for the nation. This often leads to corruption in politics.
It is not right to say that ‘politics’ and ‘ethics’ do not go together all the time. If people in a society are moral, the politicians of that country shall also be ethical. Good leaders transform the society and make it more moral due to their conduct and behaviour. Great politicians like Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln transformed the society due to their selfless service and courage. (156 words)
Q8. Politics and Ethics
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