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Q6(b). Pillars of International Relations

Q6(b). Strength, peace and security are considered to be the pillars of international relations. Elucidate. (150 words, 10)
The world has seen two world wars in the last century that led to immeasurable destruction of property and death of millions of people across the world. The world wars were followed by the Cold War between the United States and Russia for almost half a century. There had been many other small wars between many neighbouring countries across the world.
In the modern world, each nation is independent and sovereign. Each nation decides what is in its best interest. The United Nations has played a significant role in bringing peace in the world, but it hardly has the power to stop the wars when powerful nations are the aggressors.
It is, therefore, important that each nation takes care of its own security and protects its own interest individually or jointly with other nations. A single war can destroy the social, economic and political progress of a nation. Hence, nations must focus on building its economic and military strength to ensure peace, security and development for its citizen. (168 words)
Q6(b). Pillars of International Relations
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