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Q5(b). Importance of Impartial and non-partisanship

Should impartial and being non-partisan be considered indispensable qualities to make a successful civil servant? Discuss with illustrations. (Answer in 150 words)
In a democratic country, the politicians often divide the people based on religion, caste, community and region to get their votes. Once a political party comes to power, they would like to help the citizens who supported them win the power. However, such discriminatory treatment practised by civil servants can divide the country and reduce the people’s trust in government. Therefore, impartiality and non-partisanship are considered to be the essential foundational values of civil servants. 
An impartial civil servant treats every person fairly irrespective of caste, creed or gender. Good civil servants must also be politically neutral. They must neither use the politicians for selfish interests nor allow them to use them anyway. For example, if there are crimes or communal riots, politicians often wish to favour the communities that vote for them. However, good civil servants must be impartial and take actions strictly according to the law. Such behaviour of civil servants restore the people’s faith in the government and maintain peace in society. (166 words)
Q5(b). Importance of Impartial and non-partisanship
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