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Q5(b). Crisis of Conscience

Q5(b). What is meant by ‘crisis of conscience’? Narrate one incident in your life when you were faced with such a crisis and how you resolved the same. (150 words; 10 marks)
Crisis of conscience happens when we are worrying or feeling uncomfortable because we think that we have done something unfair or morally wrong. It is often reflected in the form of guilt or remorse. For example, when a person works in an organisation where corruption is prevalent, he may perform some corrupt actions. However, when he performs such deeds against his conscience, he feels guilty and suffers from the feeling of remorse.
During my college days, I noticed that some students were scoring better marks by copying from each other. I was tempted to follow their path and started copying from others in our internal examinations. However, this habit gradually discouraged me from studying harder and my performance declined in studies. Soon, I was filled with remorse for following unfair means. I took a vow to never copy again and to focus on my studies. Thereafter, I performed better due to my sincerity and hard work. (156 words)


Q5(b). Crisis of Conscience
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