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Q5(a). Voice of Conscience

Q5(a). What do you understand by the term ‘voice of conscience’? How do you prepare yourself to heed the voice of conscience? (150 words; 10 marks)
Voice of conscience is the part of our mind that tells us whether what we are doing is morally right or wrong. It is also called the inner voice that we hear from within, particularly when we are trying to do something which is unethical or immoral. Voice of conscience has been the source of ethical decision-making for many great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi.
In order to prepare ourselves to heed the voice of conscience, we must follow the voice of our conscience when taking any important decision. When we heed our inner voice, it becomes stronger. When we ignore our voice of conscience, it becomes weaker, and gradually we stop hearing our own inner voice. Hence, we must avoid doing any unethical action to strengthen our voice of conscience. When we listen to our inner voice, it leads us to an ethical and moral life, which gives us true happiness and joy. (153 words)
Q5(a). Voice of Conscience
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