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Q5(a). Trust deficit in Society

Q5(a). The current society is plagued with widespread trust-deficit. What are the consequences of this situation for personal and societal well-being? What can you do on a personal level to make yourself trustworthy? (150 words)
It is true that the current society is suffering from trust deficit since most people are selfish and think only about their own interests. When people don’t trust each other, they find it difficult to work as a team, work for a common goal and produce great results. When people don’t trust government organisations and public authorities, they don’t follow the law voluntarily or pay their taxes honestly. When people don’t trust the corporates, they don’t invest their money in businesses, and the development of the country suffers. A society devoid of trust suffers from internal conflicts and fails to achieve peace and development. The process of creating a society of trust starts with the self. We can make ourselves trustworthy by always speaking the truth, keeping our promises and always be the change which we want to bring in the world. When we consistently perform these acts in our personal and professional lives, we become trustworthy. (157 words)
Q5(a). Trust deficit in Society
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