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Q5(a). Refugee Problem

“Refugees should not be turned back to the country where they would face prosecution or human rights violation.” Examine the statement with reference to the ethical dimension being violated by the nation claiming to be democratic with an open society. (Answer in 150 words)
According to the principle of non-refoulement under international human rights laws, every country must protect the refugees when there are substantial grounds for believing that the person would be at risk of irreparable harm upon return, including persecution, torture, ill-treatment or other serious human rights violations. 
Protecting refugees’ rights is required on humanitarian grounds and customary laws. Every human being has the right to life and liberty and the opportunity to realise one’s potential. Hence, turning back the refugees is a violation of their basic human rights. Unfortunately, it has been seen that many countries are refusing to fulfil their moral responsibilities. They are often selective in treating refugees. While they protect the people of a particular race, religion or nationality, they refuse similar protection for other people. Such discrimination is unethical, being a violation of the categorical imperative, and shows a decline in human values like kindness, empathy and compassion in society. All civilised democratic countries must help the refugees and overcome the humanitarian crisis. (166 words)
Q5(a). Refugee Problem
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