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Q5(a). Policy Suggestions to Construct Dam in Mountains

Q5(a). Suppose the government of India is thinking of constructing a dam in a mountain valley bound by forests and inhabited by ethnic communities. What rational policy should it resort to in dealing with unforeseen contingencies? (150 words) 10
When a dam is built on a mountain bound by forest, it is sure to displace a large number of local inhabitants. Since they have been living in the area for generations, it would be difficult for them to find an alternative place and means of livelihood. The government must prepare a proper rehabilitation policy for the local people which may include the following components:
• They may be given site plots or houses may be built for them in nearby areas to commensurate with their land mass.
• Locals should be provided means to develop their own traditional art and culture in every way.
• They must be given fair compensation for their land and property.
• One adult member of each family may be given employment during the developmental activity.
• Resettlement should be in the neighbourhood or in a similar environment.
• They should be educated, through public meetings or discussions, about the legalities and should be convinced about the benefits of these projects. (154 words)
Q5(a). Policy Suggestions to Construct Dam in Mountains
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