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Q4(b). Positive Attitude of a Civil Servant

Q. A positive attitude is considered to be an essential characteristic of a civil servant who is often required to function under extreme stress. What contributes to a positive attitude in a person? (150 words) (10 marks)
The life of a civil servant is extremely challenging since he has to work hard to fulfil high expectations of society with limited resources and numerous constraints. The officers often face failures and disappointments that tends to create negative attitude in them. They need to have positive attitude of life to be optimistic and perform their job effectively and efficiently.
Positive attitude is a psychological condition of a person who focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results. Hence, the civil servants with positive attitude focuson what has been done rather than what could not be done. A civil servant may develop a positive attitude by imbibing the following attributes:
·Learn from experience
·Acquire the knowledge and skill for the job
·Learn and be open to new ideas
·Have faith in himself and his principles 
·Never lose faith in the goodness of people
·Take risks and challenges in life
·Never lose hope and be optimistic
·Focus on achievements rather than failures 
(165 words) 
Q4(b). Positive Attitude of a Civil Servant
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