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Q4(a). Test of Integrity

Q4(a). One of the tests of integrity is complete refusal to be compromised. Explain with reference to a real life example. (150 words, 10)
Integrity and honesty of a civil servant can’t be partial. You are either honest or dishonest. Prevention of Corruption Act provides same punishment irrespective of the amount of bribe.
A civil servant must not compromise on integrity because small corruption gradually increases the greed and leads to major scams. A civil servant may initially take a vehicle or ask the company to pay for the hotel, but soon these small favours lead to demand for more favours and greater corruption.
Suppose your relative is looking for a job in a company which falls under your charge. Your brief words to the top management may help your relative to secure the job. However, once your relative gets a job in the company, you can’t take action against the company in a fair and just manner if any irregularity is found by your department. Thus even a small compromise of integrity affects the honest discharge of your duties and responsibilities. (160 words)
Q4(a). Test of Integrity
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