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Q4(a). Everything is Permitted if not Prohibited

Q4(a). ‘In doing a good thing, everything is permitted which is not prohibited expressly or by clear implication.’ Examine the statement with suitable examples in the context of a public servant discharging his/her duties. (150 words) 10
A public servant must perform his duties and responsibilities in accordance with the rules, laws and procedures laid down by the government. These rules set the boundaries beyond which the public servants must not venture. There are penalties if their actions violate the law. However, a civil servant must not limit himself to the work that is not prohibited, but go beyond the call of duty to serve the public.
A public servant must use law as a tool to perform his duties in public interest. If someone performs work not provided specifically in the law book, but not prohibited, it is not a violation of the law.
A district magistrate visits a government school and eats the mid-day meals cooked for children. This is not a proscribed act and it can help teachers provide good quality meal to children. Similarly, a tax officer visits a builder as a customer and finds out the actual sale price of the house. He then makes a case of tax evasion and recovers revenue for the country. (174 words)
Q4(a). Everything is Permitted if not Prohibited
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