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Q4(a). Chanakya’s Quote on Development

Q4(a). ‘Corruption causes misuse of government treasury, administrative inefficiency and is an obstruction in the path of national development.’ Discuss Kautilya’s views. (150 words)
Corruption is the greatest hindrance in national development. Corrupt countries often fail to get developed. This quote explains the effect of corruption in three important ways.
1: Government Treasury
If the tax officers are corrupt, government would not be able to collect the rightful taxes and the treasury would suffer. In the same way, if the expenditure departments are corrupt, the corrupt officers will pocket most of the public money instead of spending it on public welfare thus hampering national development.
2: Inefficiency
When a government system becomes corrupt, corrupt officers expect illegal gratification for doing their official functions. In such scenario, people can’t get their job done in government offices without paying bribe. As a result, the honest officers and citizens lose their motivation to work for the nation which hampers the development of the country.
3: National Development
If government organisations are corrupt and inefficient, they negatively impact all other institutions like education, businesses and commerce which hampers national development. (162 words)
Q4(a). Chanakya’s Quote on Development
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