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Q4(a). Attitude Needed for Public Servant

Attitude is an important component that goes as input in the development of human beings. How to build a suitable attitude needed for a public servant? (Answer in 150 words)
Attitude refers to a set of emotions, beliefs, and behaviour toward a particular object, person, thing or event. It is a learned tendency to evaluate people, issues, objects, events, activities, or ideas in a certain way. The attitude of public servants must be rational, honest, optimistic, empathetic, positive and service-oriented. A public servant can develop the right as follows-
·Integrity: Maintain absolute integrity, live a simple life and observe high moral values.  
·Inspiration: Follow the ideals of great leaders and become a role model for all.  
·Capacity Building: Undertake regular training for developing rational thinking and improving domain knowledge.
·Problem Solving: Learn to solve the problems of the citizens creatively and proactively. 
·Develop Empathy and Compassion: Interact closely with the people with compassion to develop empathy and emotional intelligence. 
·Impartiality: Act objectively based on facts and evidence without any pride or prejudice. 
·Political neutrality: Maintain political neutrality, don’t take favours from politicians,  
·Service Orientation: Use all the powers to serve people and provide justice to citizens. (166 words)
Q4(a). Attitude Needed for Public Servant
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