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Q3(c). Quote: Interdependence of Life

What does each of the following quotations mean to you?
a.    . . .
b.    . . .
c.     Life doesn’t make any sense without interdependence. We need each other, and the sooner we learn that it is better for us all” – Erik Erikson (Answer in 150 words)
One of the greatest desires of all human beings is freedom. We often resent when we cannot do what we want due to our numerous obligations towards other people in the world. However, we want other people to discharge their responsibilities for one another. 
Human beings have divided their roles and functions in the modern world. As a result, we have become highly skilled people but dependent on each other. The positive aspect of this interdependent world is that we can perform just one specialised function, like teaching or coding, and earn ample income to fulfil all other needs. However, for this world to work smoothly,  every person needs to perform his duties and fulfil his/her responsibilities. Once we realise that we all are interdependent and need each other to maximise happiness, we cooperate with each other for a more prosperous and happier world.  (144 words)
Q3(c). Quote: Interdependence of Life
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