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Q3(b). Crisis of Conscience in Public Domain

Q3(b). What is meant by ‘crisis of conscience’? How does it manifest itself in the public domain? (150 words)
The voice of conscience is the ‘inner voice’ that we hear from within, particularly when we are trying to do something which is unethical or immoral. Our voice of conscience guides us to follow the right path in our life. Crisis of conscience happens when we are worrying or feeling uncomfortable because we think that we have done something unfair or morally wrong. It is often reflected in the form of guilt or remorse.
It is not easy to follow our voice of conscience when we are working in a system that is corrupt and unethical.
A public servant has to face crisis of conflict when he does something which is morally wrong. When a person has to work in a corrupt or immoral organisation, even good people tend to follow evil means to get social acceptability in the organisation. An honest politician has to often request unscrupulous businessmen for party funds and oblige them later by proving him illegal benefits. In such cases, their conscience pinches them for doing wrong deeds thus creating crisis of conscience. (176 words)
Q3(b). Crisis of Conscience in Public Domain
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