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Q3(a). Need to Uphold Constitutional Morality

Q3(a). What is meant by constitutional morality? How does one uphold constitutional morality? (150 words). 10
Morality is often defined as the principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behaviour. Constitutional morality means the standards of morality as exemplified in the constitution. Constitutional morality is important for constitutional laws to be effective. Without constitutional morality, the operation of a constitution tends to become arbitrary, erratic and whimsical.
Political leaders often follow popular opinion to please the majority and ignore the right of the individual and the minority which are provided in the constitution. It is, however, important for all individuals and institutions to uphold the principles enshrined in the constitution irrespective of the popular public opinion.
We must follow constitutional values like secularism, equality, liberty and protection of fundamental rights in letter and spirit. Governments must abide by the judgements pronounced by courts resisting populism. The honourable Supreme Court has upheld the principles of constitutional morality by passing landmark judgements upholding gender equality, decriminalisation of the laws of adultery and homosexuality etc. that must be honoured by everyone in the country. (170 words)
Q3(a). Need to Uphold Constitutional Morality
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