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Q2. Relevance of Foundation Values for Civil Services

Q2. Examine the relevance of the following in the context of civil service: (150 words, 10)
(a) Transparency
(b) Accountability
(c) Fairness and justice
(d) Courage of conviction
(e) Spirit of service
(a) Transparency: Civil servants must record the reason/s for taking a decision and allow the public to have access of their decision for information and scrutiny. Transparency builds trust, promotes public participation and increases public awareness.
(b) Accountability: Civil servants must be held accountable to their department, people, judiciary and public representatives. Accountability ensures that civil servants perform their functions in a disciplined, objective and legal manner.
(c) Fairness and justice: Civil servants must treat all citizens equally without any bias based on their caste, religion or gender. Fairness and justice is important to gain the trust of the people for the government and for implementing the rule of law.
(d) Courage of conviction: They must have the courage to take the right decision according to their conviction in accordance with law. If officers lack courage, they may be bullied and coerced by the senior officers and politicians to take unethical and illegal decisions.
(e) Spirit of service: Civil servants must implement the programmes for the poor and vulnerable section with compassion and spirit of service. This provides them real job satisfaction of serving their country and people. (150 words)
Q2. Relevance of Foundation Values for Civil Services
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