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Q2(b). Mahatma Gandhi’s Concept of Seven Sins

Q2(b). Discuss Mahatma Gandhi’s concept of seven sins. (150 words)
The seven sins stated by Mahatma Gandhi are as follows:
1. Wealth without Work: People who get wealth without work fail to contribute to the society’s betterment.
2. Pleasure without Conscience: Pleasure derived from illegal and immoral acts is harmful to the self and society.
3. Knowledge without Character: Knowledge is power and power tends to corrupt. Only the people with character use their knowledge for the benefit of society.
4. Commerce without Morality: When profit is the only motive for business and commerce, it leads to exploitation. A business becomes a service by practising morality.
5. Science without Humanity: Science must be for the betterment of the society else, it tends to harm it.
6. Religion without Sacrifice: The true purpose of religion is to serve people who are less privileged and it becomes just a ritual without the spirit of sacrifice.
7. Politics without Principle: Politics gives power. Devoid of principles, it may give rise to corruption, criminalisation, communalism that harm society. (164 words)
Q2(b). Mahatma Gandhi’s Concept of Seven Sins
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