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Q2(a). Principles and Procedures for Public Interest

Q2(a). What is meant by public interest? What are the principles and procedures to be followed by the civil servants in public interest? (150 words) 10
Public interest means the welfare and well-being of the general public in contrast to the selfish interest of a person, group or firm. The principles and procedures may be listed as:
1: Principle of participation
People must participate in decision making of the government. Draft proposals may invite public opinion before they are finalised.
2: Principle of charity
The government resources should be distributed in such a way that it benefits the largest number of people in the society.
3: Principle of subsidiarity
The decisions should be taken as close as possible to the communities involved and not at the top level.
4: Principle of autonomy
The government must allow people to live life in their own way. A civil servant must not impose his own values on others and he must have respect for the plurality of people.
5: Principle of transparency
The decision making of civil servants must be transparent and they must state the reasons for making those decisions. (165 words)
Q2(a). Principles and Procedures for Public Interest
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