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Q2(a). Impact of Digital Technology for Rational Decision

Impact of digital technology as a reliable source of input for rational decision making is a debatable issue. Critically evaluate with a suitable example. (Answer in 150 words)
Rational decision making requires reliable, fair and accurate data. Digital data is helpful in decision making because it is easy to collect and collate. Moreover, the digital data can be collected in real-time and bifurcated for different purposes. It is easy to integrate digital data and find a holistic picture of any issue. For example, the collection of real-time data of the covid patients has helped the government to know the numbers of infections, fatality and growth of patients to take suitable remedial measures to protect the lives of the citizens.    
Most countries, however, face deep digital divide. Hence, an online collection of data can’t be a representative sample of society. Moreover, targeted messages on the digital media often change their attitudes. Most of the information circulated on social media like Facebook and WhatsApp are false, which mislead people towards irrational decision making. Futhermore, rational decision making sometimes needs to be empathic, needing an emotional understanding of the person to provide personal solutions, which is not possible in digital technology.  (170 words) 
Q2(a). Impact of Digital Technology for Rational Decision
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