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Q12. A Boss Who Beats His Wife

Q12. You are a young, aspiring and sincere employee in a government office working as an assistant to the director of your department. Since you have joined recently, you need to learn and progress. Luckily your superior is very kind and ready to train you for the job. He is a very intelligent and well-informed person who knows the functioning of various departments. In short, you respect your boss and are looking forward to learn a lot from him.
Since you have good tuning with the boss, he starts to depend on you. One day due to ill health, he invited you to his place to finish some urgent work.
You reach his house and before you could ring the bell you hear a shouting voice. You wait for a while. After entering the house, the boss greets you and explains the work. But you were constantly disturbed by the crying of a woman. At last, you inquired with the boss but his answer did not satisfy you.
Next day, you inquire further in the office and you learn that his behaviour with his wife is very bad. He also beats up his wife. His wife is not well educated and is a simple woman in comparison to her husband. You see that though your boss is a nice person in office, he engages in domestic violence at home.
In such a situation, you are left with the following options.
Analyse each option with its consequences.
(a) Just ignore thinking about it because it is their personal matter.
(b) Report the case to the appropriate authority.
(c) Your own innovative approach towards the situation. (250 words)
(a) It is not advisable to interfere in the personal matters of other people, except in exceptional situations. There are conflicts within families for various reasons. However, family members sort out their differences themselves and they don’t want an outsider to even know about their conflict. Most people resent if outsiders try to interfere in their personal matters. Hence, it would be better to ignore the matter unless the issue is repeated again or the wife of the officer expresses her grievance to you.
(b) If you wish to report the matter to the appropriate authority, there has to be a complainant and evidence. In this case, the wife of the officer has not complained and you too have not seen your boss beating his wife. You have only heard his wife crying, which could be due to verbal disputes between them or due to an emotional outburst of his wife. If you approach the police or any other authority, they are unlikely to accept your complaint in the absence of any evidence or a complaint from the victim.
(c) It is wrong to presume that the boss is guilty. He has always been a nice person in the office. The wife of the officer can also be at fault. Find out the truth first and then you can give him some advice, if required. You may try to convince your boss using some instances that cruelty against wife may lead to grave consequences to his personal and professional life. (250 words)
Q12. A Boss Who Beats His Wife
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