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Q10. Accident on the day of IAS Interview

Q10. You are aspiring to become an IAS officer and you have cleared various stages and now you have been selected for the personal interview. On the day of the interview, on your way to the venue you see an accident where a mother and child, who happen to be your relatives, were badly injured. They needed immediate help.
What would you have done in such a situation? Justify your action. (250 words, 20)
A civil services aspirant prepares for several years to become an IAS officer. When you are at the final stage of your selection process, you can’t afford to miss the opportunity to realize your dreams nor can you become unkind and unethical by discarding your relatives in such a critical condition. It is important to fulfil our moral obligation towards our relatives as well as try to do our best to succeed in the competition.
Our first priority should be to provide immediate help to our relatives. Since the candidates generally start early for the interview, they may have extra time at their disposal. You can immediately hire a taxi and take your relatives to the nearest hospital. You can simultaneously call your parents, friends or other relatives to rush to the hospital so that proper treatment can be provided to them.
Once all the arrangements are made, you can immediately rush to the venue of the UPSC interview. It would be advisable to take some photographs on your mobile phone of the event which can be shown to the concerned UPSC officials to explain the reasons for your delay. Since there are several interviews scheduled in a day by the UPSC, it should be possible for them to reschedule your interview in the second half or at a later date.
The real challenge in such a condition is not to lose your patience and keep your emotions under control. You may keep in touch with the family members over the phone and update yourself about the condition of your injured relatives. You must keep your cool during the interview and give your best. (252 words)
Q10. Accident on the day of IAS Interview
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