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Q1(b). Ten Essential Values Of An Effective Public Servant

Identify ten essential values that are needed to be an effective public servant. Describe the ways and means to prevent non-ethical behaviour in public servants. (Answer in 150 words)
The ten essential foundational values of effective public servants are,
1.   Integrity, 
2.   Impartiality  
3.   Objectivity
4.   Justice  
5.   Dedication to public service
6.   Empathy 
7.   Tolerance 
8.   Compassion towards the weaker sections
9.   Courage of conviction
10. Commitment 
In order to prevent non-ethical behaviour among public servants, the following steps are suggested.
·Reward civil servants for their ethical behaviour
·Give exemplary punishment for violating ethical norms. 
·The performance assessment of an officer should not be done only based on result, but also the means. For exmaple, if a police officer is engaged in false encounter to  reduce crime, he or she must be punished for breaking the law. 
·Ethical audit by an independent agency should be done every year and the outcome should be incorporated in the officials performance report. 
·The procedure for punishment and removal of unethical and corrupt officers should be simplified. 
·The grievance redressal mechanism must be made effective with public involvement. (156 words)
Q1(b). Ten Essential Values Of An Effective Public Servant
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