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Q1(b). Difference between different terms

Q1(b). Differentiate between the following. (10 marks) (200 words)
(i) Law and ethics
(ii) Ethical management and management of ethics
(iii) Discrimination and preferential treatment
(iv) Personal ethics and professional ethics
(i) Both law and ethics tell us what is right and what is wrong. Laws are passed by the Parliament or as a decree by a ruler. Laws prescribe punishment for non-compliance, which is enforced by the state. Ethics is based on the culture, traditions, religion and philosophy in society. They guide us to follow the right path according to the prevalent norms.
(ii) Ethical management refers to corporate management that not only fulfils economic goals and legal responsibilities, but also meets the ethical expectations imposed by social and legal norms in conducting business. Management of ethics is a set of principles and rules made by the upper management that define the right and wrong in an organisation.
(iii) Discrimination means being biased against a person or a group or a social class, based on its race, caste, religion, gender, etc. Preferential treatment is given when a person is selected based on race, caste, religion and offered a position in preference to others.
(iv) Personal ethics are applicable in the personal life of a person. Professional ethics are related to following a code of conduct in one’s profession. For example, the professional ethics of a lawyer forbears him from disclosing his communication with his client while personal ethics forbears a person from disclosing information given by a friend on the condition of anonymity. (223 words)
Q1(b). Difference between different terms
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