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Q1(a). Role of Ethics and Values in enhancing CNP

Q. Discuss the role of ethics and values in enhancing the following three major components of Comprehensive National Power (CNP) viz. human capital, soft power (culture and policies) and social harmony. (150 words) (10 marks) 
Ethics and values together are the foundation of living a good life. While ethics are a set of rules that tell us what is right and what is wrong according to the culture and traditions of the society, values refer to the beliefs of a person regarding what is more important in life.
When people in a society possess ethics and values, they follow the law, work for the mutual benefit of each other and help the nation develop economically and socially.
Ethical people are not focused on the acquisition of wealth and power. They are rather concerned about inner joy and satisfaction in life by developing soft skills like art and literature enriching the society to create a more compassionate world. Ethical people elect good people in power who then frame policies that are ethical, just and equitable. When people are ethical, they work together for the common benefit of all members of the society that reduces social conflicts and increases trust among one another leading to peace and social harmony.
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Q1(a). Role of Ethics and Values in enhancing CNP
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