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Q1(a). Five Ethical Traits of Civil Servants

Identify five ethical traits on which one can plot the performance of a civil servant. Justify their inclusion in the matrix. (Answer in 150 words)
The five ethical traits necessary for the performance of a civil servant and their justification are as follows.
1.Integrity: A civil servant must have financial, professional and intellectual integrity. An officer with integrity get respect from all people and work fairly and justly. 
2.Objectivity: Civil servants must make decisions based on facts, evidence, reason, and merit rather than personal biases. Objective decisions are rational and justifiable.  
3.Empathy: Civil servants must practice empathy by sharing citizens’ feelings or experiences by imagining themselves in their situation. Empathy helps a public servant understand the problems better and resolve them.
4.Accountability: Civil servants must be accountable for their public decisions and actions and submit themselves to whatever scrutiny is appropriate. Accountability makes a civil servant responsible and gets the trust of citizens.
5.Transparency: Civil servants must be transparent in their decisions and actions. They should give reasons for their decisions and restrict information only when the broader public interest clearly demands it. Transparency inculcates trust in citizens. (168 words)
Q1(a). Five Ethical Traits of Civil Servants
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