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Q1(a). Basic and Universal Values of Civil Services

Q1(a). State the three basic values, universal in nature, in the context of civil services and bring out their importance. (150 words) 10
The three important values for civil servants are as follows:
1: Integrity
Integrity means not only honesty but also ‘adherence to moral and ethical principles and soundness of moral character’. An honest civil servant performs his duty lawfully, gets the trust of people and produces the best result for the organisation.
2: Courage
Courage helps a civil servant to take tough decisions against criminals, corrupt officers, politicians and even against their own superiors. A courageous officer is widely respected for his determination to fight against all odds while performing his duties.
3: Objectivity
A civil servant must not exhibit any bias or prejudice for or against any person or group. He must not get influenced by personal feelings, experiences or opinions. He must take decisions based on evidence, documents, data and information available on records. Objective decisions are based on reason which can be justified logically before courts and other higher agencies. (152 words)
Q1(a). Basic and Universal Values of Civil Services
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