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Q1(a). All Human Beings Aspire for Happiness

Q1(a). All human beings aspire for happiness. Do you agree? What does happiness mean to you? Explain with examples. (150 words)
All human activities are directed towards an end and all ends are then directed towards one final end, which is happiness. We choose happiness for itself, and never with a view to achieve anything further, whereas honour, pleasure and success are chosen for the sake of happiness. I agree that all human beings aspire for happiness. However, happiness is subjective and its source may be different for each person.
I derive happiness by making myself useful to the world. I aspire to serve the world by following the path of righteousness and doing my duties in the most honest and honourable way. In my opinion, realisation of our potential to serve the society is the best way to lead a happy life even if we encounter challenges in our path. Many great personalities like Mother Taresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela followed this path to achieve happiness in their life. (149 words)
Q1(a). All Human Beings Aspire for Happiness
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