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Q 6 (b) Is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efficient and sufficient

 Q 6 (b) :In contemporary world, corporate sector’s contribution in generating wealth and employment is increasing. In doing so, they are bringing in unprecedented onslaught on the climate, environmental sustainability and living conditions of human beings. In this background, do you find Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is efficient and sufficient enough to fulfill the social roles and responsibilities needed in the corporate work mandated? Critically examine. (Answer in 150 words) 10


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept that suggests that it is the responsibility of the corporations operating within society to contribute towards economic, social and environmental development of the country that creates a positive impact on society at large. The inclusion of CSR in the Company Act is an attempt by the government to engage businesses with the national development agenda.

CSR provisions have given opportunities to corporate to participate in the national development process and many socially beneficial schemes are carried out under CSR. However, many corporates resort to tax evasion, corruption, unethical practices like data sharing and selling, and commercial fraud to maximise profits. Accordingly, the CSR provisions are not sufficient due to the following reasons,

·         CSR is mandated only for large corporates 

·         Cherry-picking the activities for publicity,

·         Focus on brand building instead of catering to the need of society

·         Lack of internal motivation for social service 

·         Lack of stricter provision for nonfulfillment of CSR mandate  

·         Focus on profit maximization at any cost (166 words)

Q 6 (b) Is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efficient and sufficient

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