Civil Services in India

Pondicherry Police Service

About the service
·The officers of the Pondicherry Police Service (Group B) are appointed through the Civil Services Examination conducted by UPSC
·The Puducherry Police date back to the period of French colonial rule prior to 1954. Separate Armed and Indigenous (local) police units were maintained at that time. The modern force still retains the French kepi as a distinctive feature of its uniform.
·The Puducherry Police come under the direct control of the Department of Home Affairs, Government of Puducherry. The force is headed by the Director General of Police (DGP).
·As of 2013, the Puducherry Police had around 4000 personnel, out of whom 150 were women.
·The Puducherry Police has jurisdiction over Puducherry, Yanam, Karaikal, and Mahé.
Grades of Pondicherry Police Service
·No person who has  entered into or contracted marriage with a person having a spouse living
·Who having spouse living has contracted into marriage with any person
·Provided that the Administrator may, if satisfied that there are special grounds (like personal law) for so ordering, exempt any person from the operation of this rule.
Period of probation
·The officers of the Service shall be on probation for a period of two years.
·The Administrator may in the case of any person extend or reduce the period of probation.
·A person on probation shall be liable to be discharged from service at anytime without assigning any reason.
·The officers shall be confirmed after the successful completion of the Probation.
Service at a glance
·Pondicherry Police Services has a small cadre of officers
·They are provided good facilities and perks during the service
·Pondicherry is known to be on the best managed city and UT with host of educational institutions and inftrastructure
·The officers stay in the same station and enjoy a good personal life. 

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