Civil Services in India

Pondicherry Civil Service

About the service
•Pondicherry Civil Service is a Central Service like DANICS
•Pondicherry Civil Services officers are appointed though the Civil Services examination conducted by UPSC
•They are posted in the Union Territory of Pondicherry.
•They are promoted into IAS after a few years of service.
•Administrator of the UT is their cadre controlling authority
Pay Scales


Sectioned Strength
•Sanctioned strength of Puducherry Civil Service: 62
•JAG posts = 9;
•Grade-I, II = 37;
•Reserves like deputation,
•leave and training = 16
Appointments to Selection Grade
•(1) Appointments of members of the service to the Selection Grade shall be made in consultation with the Commission on the basis of seniority subject to fitness.
•(2) An Officer with a minimum of eight years service in Grade II shall be eligible for being considered for appointment to the Selection Grade.
Appointment to Junior Administrative Grade
Appointments of members of service to the Junior Administrative Grade shall be made by promotion on selection basis on the recommendation of a Selection Committee consisting of:
(i) The Chairman or a member of the Commission...Chairman
(ii) an Officer in the Ministry of Home Affairs not below the rank of Joint Secretary to the .... Member Government of India;
(iii) the Chief Secretary, Pondicherry Administration.... ,,
(2) An Officer with a minimum of five years of regular service in Grade I shall be eligible for being considered for promotion to Junior Administrative Grade
•(a) No person who has more than one wife living or who having a spouse living, marries in any case in which such marriage is void by reason of its taking place during the life time of such spouse, shall be eligible for appointment to the Service; and
•(b) No woman whose marriage is void by reason of the husband having a wife living at the time of such marriage or who has married a person who has a wife living at the time of such marriage shall be eligible for appointment to the Service:
•Provided that the Administrator may, if satisfied that there are special grounds for so ordering, exempt any person from the operation of this rule.
Period of probation
•The officers of the Service shall be on probation for a period of two years.
•The Administrator may in the case of any person extend or reduce the period of probation.
•A person on probation shall be liable to be discharged from service at anytime without assigning any reason
Training and departmental examination
•The officers appointed for the Service shall undergo such training and pass during the period of probation such departmental examinations as the Administrator may from time to time prescribe.
•Provided that the Administrator may subject to such conditions as he may impose and having regard to his past service, experience or academic qualifications, exempt any person appointed for the service either wholly or partly from any such training or departmental examination.
•A person who has been declared to have satisfactorily completed his period of probation may be confirmed in the Service.
Service at a glance
•Pondicherry Civil Services has a small cadre of officers
•They are provided good facilities and perks during the service
•Pondicherry is known to be on the best managed city and UT with host of educational institutions and inftrastructure
•The officers stay in the same station and enjoy a good personal life. 

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