Economics (NCERT) Notes

1.2 Human and Sustainable Development

Infant Mortality Rate (or IMR) indicates the number of children that die before the age of one year as a proportion of 1000 live children born in that particular year.

Literacy Rate measures the proportion of literate population in the 7 and above age group.

Net Attendance Ratio is the total number of children of age group 14 and 15 years attending school as a percentage of total number of children in the same age group.


Example of the effect of State Intervention

• Kerala has a low Infant Mortality Rate because it has adequate provision of basic health and educational facilities.

• In some states, the Public Distribution System (PDS) functions well and the health and nutritional status of people of such states is be better.


Body Mass Index (BMI)

• One way to find out if we are properly nourished is to calculate what nutrition scientists call Body Mass Index (BMI). This is easy to calculate.

• BMI= Weight (in kgs)/Height(in meter)2

• Usually BMI below 18.5 means undernourishment while BMI of more than 25 is overweight.


Some Data Regarding Indian and Its Neighbouring Countries (2015)

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