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Q 2 (b): Role of ethical values in the resolution of conflicts

 Q 2 (b): It is believed that adherence to ethics in human actions would ensure in smooth functioning of an organization/system. If so, what does ethics seek to promote in human life? How do ethical values assist in the resolution of conflicts faced by him in his day-to-day functioning? (Answer in 150 words) 10


Ethics is often called moral philosophy which represents the values and customs of society. Ethics is thus a social creation which helps its members know the difference between right and wrong from society’s perspective. If all members of a society become ethical, there will be no conflict in the society, which shall progress rapidly and everyone will reap the benefits of its development. An ethical society thus has peace, love and compassion in all its members because the personal values of the people are aligned with the social values. 

An unethical person resolves the conflict based on what is beneficial to him, rather than what is good for the individuals and the society. On the contrary, an ethical person resolves the conflict according to law, with justice, love, and compassion, and in the best interest of all concerned parties. Hence, ethical values help resolve conflict that creates a win-win situation for all. Hence, the decisions of ethical parsons are acceptable to all stakeholders due to trust and impartiality. (168 words)

 Q 2 (b): Role of ethical values in the resolution of conflicts

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