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Sivi and Dove

Sivi, a righteous king, was known for his justice and compassion. Once a dove, pursued by a hawk flew towards him for help. The king took mercy on the dove and gave it protection. The hawk shouted: ‘Tell me what I should eat now?’ The king offered the hawk another dove. ‘But that shall not be fair to the other dove,’ said the hawk.
The king then offered the hawk an equal measure of his own meat. The hawk said, ‘How can that solve the problem? If you keep offering your meat for every dove that is chased, you will soon die. Unless one creature dies, how can another creature survive?’
Message: You can’t solve the problems of the world even if you are willing to give your life. 
Sivi and Dove

Source: “Mastering Essay & Answer Writing for UPSC Civil Services IAS/ IPS & State PSC Main Exam” by Dr Awdhesh Singh, available at

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