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Q2(a). Hatred is destructive of a person’s wisdom

Q. ‘Hatred is destructive of a person’s wisdom and conscience that can poison a nation’s spirit.’ Do you agree with this view? Justify your answer. (150 words) (10 marks)
Hatred is a negative emotion due to which a person is unable to love others and see the positive qualities in people. When a person is full of hatred, he is full of anger and wishes to destroy others. As a result, he is unable to use knowledge for a positive purpose and achieve his own goals or organisational goals.
When a man is filled with hatred, his conscience is no longer able to guide him in the right direction. When the citizens of a country are filled with hatred, it destroys the spirit of the nation since people want to harm others rather than help one another. Hatred in society thus increases conflict among people and groups. Hence, I agree with the statement. Hatred is extremely harmful for a society since it destroys the trust, goodwill and nationalism of the country. Therefore, we must work for the elimination of hatred from society and spread love to make society stronger, happier and peaceful.
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Q2(a). Hatred is destructive of a person’s wisdom
Source : ‘Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude for Civil Services Examination’by Dr Awdhesh Singh, available at

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