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UN World Water Development Report, 2020

The UN WWDR 2020 has predicted that climate change would alter water availability and global food production pattern. The report predicted wetter conditions for certain lands under cultivation. At the same time, other areas would become drier. Water scarcity will add to the issues and the resulting food insecurity could lead to increased poverty.
About the UN WWDR – 
·The United Nations World Water Development Report (UN WWDR) is an annual and thematic report that focuses on different strategic water issues each year and aims to provide decision-makers with the tools to implement sustainable use of our water resources. 
·It includes regional aspects, hotspots, examples and stories, at different levels and in different geographical areas. 
·The development of the UN WWDR, is coordinated by the World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP), established in 2000. 
·It is a joint effort of the UN agencies and entities which make up UN-Water, working in partnership with governments, international organisations, non-governmental organisations, and other stakeholders.
In the WWDR 2020:
·The climate is changing and will continue to change, affecting societies through water.
·Climate change will affect the availability, quality and quantity of water for basic human needs, threatening the human rights to water and sanitation for billions of people. 
·The alteration of the water cycle will also pose risks for energy production, food security, human health, economic development and poverty reduction, thus seriously jeopardising the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 
·Regions like USA, China and India suffer from over-use of groundwater, resulting in low water tables. 
·Action to be taken in 3 areas – adaptation; resilience; drivers of change. 
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