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Q8. Dilemma of a School Vice Principal

You are Vice Principal of a degree college in one of the middle-class towns. Principal has recently retired and management is looking for his replacement. There are also feelers that the management may promote you as Principal. In the meantime, during the annual examination, the flying squad which came from the university caught two students red-handed involving in unfair means. A senior lecturer of the college was personally helping these students in this act. This senior lecturer also happens to be close to the management. One of the students was the son of a local politician who was responsible for getting college affiliated to the present reputed university. The second student was the son of a local businessman who has donated maximum funds for running the college. You immediately informed the management regarding this unfortunate incident. The management told you to resolve the issue with the flying squad at any cost. They further said that such an incident will not only tarnish the image of the college but also the politician and the businessman are very important personalities for the functioning of the college. You were also given hint that your further promotion to Principal depends on your capability in resolving this issue with the flying squad. In the meantime, you were intimidated by your administrative officer that certain members of the student union are protesting outside the college gate against the senior lecturer and the students involved in this incident are demanding strict action against defaulters.
a) Discuss the ethical issue involved in the case.
b) Critically examine the options available with you as Vice Principal. What option will you adopt and why? (Answer in 250 words)
This case involves the ethical dilemma of performance of duty, loyalty towards your college and self-interest. If I protect the students found cheating and the senior lecturer, I will be failing to perform my duty as a vice principal. 
In this situation, the options available to me along with their merits and demerits are as follows.
I will adopt the third option. As Vice-Principal, it is my duty to not allow any cheating in the examination. Hence, I must show courage and take strict action proactively so that fear is created in the mind of the students and the teachers that however well-connected one may be, they shall not be allowed to cheat in the examination. I shall prefer to forego my promotion rather than compromising on my principle. (268 words)
Q8. Dilemma of a School Vice Principal
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