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Q4(b). Emotional Intelligence in Crisis of Conscience

In case of a crisis of conscience, does emotional intelligence help to overcome the same without compromising the ethical and moral stand that you are likely to follow? Critically examine. (Answer in 150 words)
A crisis of conscience happens when we are worrying or feeling uncomfortable because we think that we have done something morally wrong. In the moments of such a crisis, we feel guilty and filled with remorse. Therefore, we wish to clear our conscience by doing some positive things to do a prayashcit (repentance).
Unfortunately, when emotions dominate our minds, we cannot think rationally. Only an emotionally intelligent person can manage his emotions even during the crisis of conscience and find ways to rectify the errors, learn from mistakes and take positive steps to correct the moral error. For example, if we have lied to our loved ones, we can admit our lies to our beloved and seek forgiveness. In the same way, if we have done injustice to any person, we can take all possible actions to ensure justice to the person. Thus an emotionally intelligent person can take ethical decisions rationally and overcome the crisis of conscience. (158 words)
Q4(b). Emotional Intelligence in Crisis of Conscience
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