Chapter 1: Physical World
Physical world
Chapter 2: Units and Measurement
Lesson 1: An Introduction to Units and Measurement
Lesson 2: Measurement of Large Distances
Lesson 3: Accuracy, Precision and Least Count in Measurement
Lesson 4: Absolute Error, Relative Error and Percentage Error
Lesson 5: Combination of Errors
Lesson 6: Significant Figures
Lesson 7: Dimensional Analysis
Chapter 3: Motion in a Straight Line
Lesson 1: Position, Path Length and Displacement
Lesson 2: Velocity and Speed
Lesson 3: Acceleration
Lesson 4: Kinematic Equations for Uniformly Accelerated Motion
Lesson 5: Relative velocity
Chapter 4: Motion in a Plane
Lesson 1: Scalars and Vectors
Lesson 2: Addition and Subtraction of Vectors
Lesson 3: Resolution of vectors
Lesson 4: Motion in a Plane
Lesson 5: Projectile Motion
Lesson 6: Uniform Circular Motion
Chapter 5: Laws of Motion
Lesson 1: Newton's First Law of Motion
Lesson 2: Newton’s Second Law of Motion
Lesson 3: Newton's Third Law of Motion
Lesson 4: Conservation of Momentum
Lesson 5: Equilibrium of a Particle
Lesson 6: Friction
Lesson 7: Circular Motion
Lesson 8: Solving Problems of Mechanics
Chapter 6: Work, Energy and Power
lesson 1: The Scalar Product
Lesson 2: Work, Energy Theorem
Lesson 3: Work
Lesson 4: Kinetic Energy
Lesson 5: Work done by Variable Force
Lesson 6: Potential Energy
Lesson 7: Conservation of Mechanical Energy
Lesson 8: The Potential Energy of a Spring
Lesson 9: The Law of Conservation of Energy
Lesson 10: Power
Lesson 11: Collisions
Chapter 7: Systems of Particles and Rotational Motion
Lesson 1: Translational and Rotational Motion
Lesson 2: Centre of Mass
Lesson 3: Solved Problems of Centre of Mass
Lesson 4: Motion Of Centre Of Mass
Lesson 5: Solved Problems of Motion of Particles
Lesson 6: Angular Velocity and Angular Acceleration
Lesson 7: Torque and Angular Momentum
Lesson 8: Equilibrium of a Rigid Body
Lesson 9: Principle of Moments
Lesson 10: Centre of Gravity
Lesson 11: Solved Problems of Centre of Gravity
Lesson 12: Moment of Inertia
Lesson 13: Solved Problems of Moment of Inertia
Chapter 8: Gravitation
Lesson 1: Kepler’s Law
Lesson 2: Universal Law of Gravitation
Lesson 3: Gravitational Potential Energy
Lesson 4: Satellites
Chapter 9: Mechanical Properties of Solids
Lesson 1: Elastic Properties
Lesson 2: Elastic Moduli
Chapter 10: Mechanical Properties of Fluids
Lesson 1: Pressure
Lesson 2: Streamline Flow
Lesson 3: Viscosity and Surface Tension
Chapter 11: Thermal Properties of Matter
Lesson 1: Heat and Temperature
Lesson 2: Heat Transfer
Chapter 12: Thermodynamics
Lesson 1: Zeroth and First Law of Thermodynamics
Lesson 2: Specific Heat
Lesson 3: Thermodynamic Processes
Lesson 4: Heat Engines and Heat Pumps
Lesson 5: Second Law of Thermodynamics
Chapter 14: Oscillations
Lesson 1: Simple Harmonic Motion
Lesson 2: System Executing Simple Harmonic Motion
Chapter 13: Kinetic Theory
Lesson 1: Behaviour of Gases
Lesson 2: Kinetic Theory of an Ideal Gas
Lesson 3: Specific Heat Capacity
Chapter 15: Waves
Lesson 1: Properties of Waves
Lesson 2: Displacement Relation in a Progressive Wave
Lesson 3: Superposition of Waves
lesson 4: Standing Waves
Lesson 5: Beats and Doppler Effect
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